Do you want to hear my story? Or firstly you want me to reveal how I was able to get a Free Xbox live code to play with my buddies at Modern Warfare 2?

Well, since this is a blog of mine and I do what I want, I’ll tell you how I got to this from

(if you want you can jump right to end of this post to learn without losing time how to get free Xbox live points. That’s because I respect your time and I know you may be eager to start playing with your Xbox 360 Live!)


A friend of mine, Chad once told me he had found a way to get live codes without buying them online, freely. And I was like: “yeah right!”. Chad is usually full of bullshit, but we love him for that XD

Then we made a bet. I told him: “look, if you are right the first code I get my hands on without paying with “your system” is yours. If you are just kidding me, you will buy me one”. “Sure man, if I am right, and I am, all I want is that you keep your mouth shut the f*** up for five straight minutes. Deal?”

He was so confident LOL He was true. Sorry, Chad for having been so doubtful! LMAO


So here’s what Chad told me to do, I already did a few times (I don’t need tons of codes, ya know) and now I’ll be your “Chad” of the situation.



So… You want to play on Live! Without paying a dime right?
Well, you’ll have to:

  1. CLICK HERE (or go directly to
  2. Follow the Instructions: Register to the site, start earning points and…
  3. Convert your earned points into an Amazon Gift Code that you will be used to purchase Xbox Live Codes on

You happy now that you know how to do it?? Hope so!


This is how I did it, and this is the only way I know to reach your goal, to play online with your Xbox 360 for free. I suggest you read the method a couple of time

PS: if you find some other way, let me know. So far that’s the only one I know.

Well, I have two news: a good one and a bad one. Which one should I start with first?

Let’s start with the bad one. Codes Generators don’t work. You can find some piece of software here and there claiming to be a Xbox Gold code Generator that works. But if it’s not impossible that sometimes a code or two may work for a while, it’s high, highly unlikely.

Trust me; I searched for a good generator for a long time, and every time it was so disappointing. Then I began to find other ways and here’s where the good news start.

There is an almost unknown way to obtain free Microsoft Points. A friend showed me a site where the procedure was explained; it was something I’ve never thought about and genious.

It’s not immediate, and it takes a while to be explained in its entire form to make the method understandable (it’s counter-intuitive, but it works like a charm).

I was a bit hesitant at first… I didn’t want to share the URL of this website because I was afraid to put the method at risk. But hey who cared! I can now afford to buy Xbox live codes so it wouldn’t be a big deal.