ROBLOX, a massively multiplayer online role-playing game in three dimensions, includes combat that takes place in block-based levels. When you die in a combat level, you re-spawn at a point known as a Spawn place. In this case you can use our free Robux method to avoid it being happened.

If you can not add Spawn Points to a community map, you can add Spawn locations to a map that you create using the ROBLOX Studios design program. The more Spawn sites in your plan it is easy for players to re-lay at their desired location.


  1. Launch ROBLOX Studios by clicking on the Start menu, scrolling to “All Programs” and clicking “ROBLOX” and then “ROBLOX Studios. “
  2. Create a new level by clicking on the “File” menu and clicking “New Level.”
  3. Open the “Insert” box by clicking the “Insert” button. Click the drop-down box in the box and scroll down to “Bricks.” Click on the brick of the desired color to add it to the map.
  4. Click the “Game” tool. Drag and drop bricks to move them. Rotate the brick by clicking on the brick, then pressing the “R” key on your keyboard. Tilt the brick by clicking on the brick, then pressing the “T” key.
  5. Continue adding bricks until you design the level. For a simple level, create a large brick square with a set of bricks sloping in the middle.
  6. Click on the brick you want to turn into a Spawn location. Click on the “Insert” menu and scroll down to “Object.” From the context menu, select “SpawnLocation” and click “OK.”


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